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Ahead of this years International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence, Galaxy4Peace announce the launch of a global campaign, “#IPledge4ZeroVAW” to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls.

IPledge4ZeroVAW is a global call to action – requesting on everyone to take concrete actions to end this human right violation against women and girls by pledging and raising awareness of the negative impact that violence and abuse have on women and children all over the world.
It is no more news that public attention has shone a light on what statistics have long confirmed: women in Nigeria and around the world continue to face disproportionate levels of violence each and every day. In response to this all-too-familiar reality, Galaxy4Peace’s #IPledge4ZeroVAW asks the question: “are you interested to pledge to end violence against women?”
“As a peacebuilding organization, taking actions to build a violence free world, we have an obligation to speak up and act to end violence against women and girls, not only during these 16 days, but every day of the year. Taking part in this global campaign to combat gender-based violence not only because it affects half of the world’s population, but because ensuring women and girls are safe in their homes, communities and public spaces helps to build cohesive and secure societies where peace is sustained. While the issues of women living in conflict and emergency areas need to be addressed as we observe this global day, the success of this campaign rests on our daily individual and collective actions to safeguard our society against this cycle of abuse” said Precious Ajunwa, Galaxy4Peace Project Lead.
Gender-based violence which has been estimated to cost the world more than 5% of global GDP – having a greater aggregate economic impact than war doesn’t just impact the well-being of individuals, societies and nations, it affects the economic stability.
Speaking on the campaign, Shivangi Mathur, Advocacy & Digital-Marketing Manager said “to us at Galaxy4Peace, we believe that everyone who has watched, read or seen how much of abuse whether it is of physical, psychological, economic or political nature women go through in our society, will commit to #IPledge4ZeroVAW. The more women speak out, just as the voices of survivors and activist through campaigns as #TimesUp, #MeeToo #NotOneMore and others, which have reached the climax that cannot be silenced, the greater our power and ability to put an end to violence against women. Mrs Mathur added that “violence against women often a time is based on the priviledge, and power of perpetrators, hence to counter this, it is also important that men and boys participate in this conversation to become part of the solution.”
#IPledge4ZeroVAW which will kick off November 25th through 10th December 2018 will empower and contribute towards shifting our attitudes, mindsets, and promote love, peace, unity through our actions.
Join our #IPledge4ZeroVAW campaign if you believe in our dream of putting an end to violence against women and girls.
Here is all you need to do and be part of “Pledge4Zero” campaign
1. Complete the following line
“I Pledge for zero tolerance for Violence Against Women because….. ……”
2. Click a picture of you holding a white sheet with “IPledge4ZeroVAW” written on it. (Please make sure the text is dark and bold so it’s easy to read)
3. Add your Instagram, Twitter & Facebook handle while sending
4. Send in (1) (2) and (3) to or our DM
5. Get your friends to like your post & repost your entry on our page
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