Galaxy for Peace & Integrity Initiative (Galaxy4Peace) gets 60% of her funds largely from individual donations from invaluable supporters and friends while the remaining 40% comes from partners where we applied for support in order to cover the expenses of our projects and events.

We look forward to frequently access some form of long-term institutional support to enable us take-off on more crucial projects and expansion of existing ones. Kindly join us by supporting or partnering with us.

You can donate to Galaxy4Peace projects through the account details
Bank – Guaranty Trust Bank
Bank Name – Galaxy for Peace and Integrity Initiative
Account No – 0161185784

We would require you to email the evidence of any payment into the above account, to in order for us to have proper documentation and mail you the invoice of your donations.

As a donor, you become a peacebuilder and a key member of our community of like-minded individuals who we value immeasurably.

Alternatively you can use the electronic payment system below to make a donation.

* are compulsory