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Lagos Nigeria – 20, February – In commemoration of World Social Justice Day, we hosted Kirthi Jayakumar of  The Red Elephant Foundation and Dena Mekawi of Style Resilience to a twitter chat to highlight how social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.

The twitter chat which took place on our twitter timeline (@galaxy4peace) not only enlightened the public on how advancement of social justice not only begins with removing barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, culture or disability, but also highlighted the 2018 theme which is on “Workers on the Move: The Quest for Social Justice”.

Speaking to us through her twitter handle, Dena Mekawi said there is need to break down barriers created by gender, class, race, sexuality & religion in creating a world that promotes equality because Social Justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence. Explaining further on the International Labour Organization’s mandate which is to promote social justice; as the best way to keep our world peaceful, the Social Impact Strategist, said businesses should constantly consider their responsibility to the communities they operate in and as such incorporate social missions in their business framework, and educate employees on culture diversity programs & resources management. In her final words for the chat, Dena called for investment of resources and money towards solving structural problems,& strengthen ties, instead of investing it in building walls, & creating anti- immigration laws.

Answering what solutions can bring economic growth together with social progress? Kirthi Jayakumar said “Sustainable development alone can ensure that economic growth goes hand in glove with social progress, however economic growth, when and if inclusive, holds the promise of independence and a sense of financial liberation; and as such we need to build cohesive social structures that enable access to resources for all . 

Speaking on 2018 theme “Workers on the Move: the Quest for Social Justice” Kirthi Jayakumar pointed that by amplifying voices of migrant workers, telling their stories, and ensuring that they are not in anyway marginalized due to their identities as migrant workers, we can highlight the positive contribution of migrant workers. Kirthi went further to share that we need to create robust systems to shift mindsets away from holding onto inequality and maintaining the status quo. Responding to “How we ca change the narrative considering women make up for 44 percent of the world 150 million migrant workers” Kirthi said “facilitating ways for women to get jobs in and around their own communities in a manner that suits their interests best.  Migrant workers who migrate out of full and free choice must be respected and there should be a means to ensure safety and protection for women who leave home as migrant workers.  I addition, entrepreneurship and support to entrepreneurship can also help women realize their potential without being forced to leave home”. 

Considering women are most affected by discrimination in the work place and by a disproportionate amount of unpaid work, we asked Kirthi – “How can we change this culture in our work places?”  While responding to that, Kirthi made valuable points such as the need to shift attitudes towards gender equality in the workplace by training and engaging all gender identities. Facilitate a space where men can understand the value of doing away with hegemonic and toxic masculinity and where all gender identities are respected and creating a system that can help transition women back into their careers after sabbaticals – training them to facilitate reentry. 

We need to undertake comprehensive needs assessments to create sustainable policies and evaluate how those policies have performed with the help of an impact assessment because creating inter-sectional policies that take into account the impact it may have on different communities such as policies that take into account the ground realities, and establishment of vigilant systems for their implementation is crucial if we are to deliver decent work opportunities, Kirthi ended.

Further to this global day observance via our weekly #PeaceTuesday conversation, below are few points we shared while discussing “Stimulating Peace through an Efficient Social Justice System”

If we are to encourage peaceful co-existence, we must ensure equal access to healthcare, education, equal opportunities for all gender, resources, education, shared wealth and justice at all stages.

We need to expand awareness of #SocialJustice issues and understand the interlocking nature of poverty, violence, racism, sexism, colonization, disability, religious persecution, and other forms of oppression as it affect a just society.

To have a peaceful world where people live in harmony &togetherness, there has to be thorough implementation of social justice system that provides a way of assigning roles, rights & justice in every sector & as well define the appropriate distribution of power.

Social inequality creates the necessity for social justice, with unequal distribution of resources & opportunities & lack of the basic needs that spice-up a workable social justice system, sustainable peace will not be achievable.

Solving issue of #SocialJustice, we need to explore the complexity of its issues, identify the roots of inequality, introduce broad range of social justice practices and strategies, uphold justice despite who is involved & up our advocacy game .

In conclusion, we call for collective efforts to make commitment to uphold social justice for all throughout the world by working towards removing barriers on the basis of inequality, age, sexual orientation, human rights, religion, class, and immigration & refugee status.

Speaking to our Project Lead, Ms Precious Ajunwa, she said “Equity has to be the watch word in our homes to avoid conflicts such as sibling rivalry in our families, hence, teaching of Social Justice must begins in our various homes if we re to build peaceful communities. In pursuit of social justice system for lasting peace, policies and laws that are favorable must be promoted, hence we need to stop enacting un-favourable laws such as  laws that are enacted for the affluent gains alone.”

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