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July 31, 2020by Galaxy4Peace0

The pandemic has taken a toll on our physical and mental well-being. The lack of strong support may cause our mind to spiral down, allowing the burden of the crisis to infiltrate our quiet reflections. It’s time to pick up our phones and call the friends we rely on the most.

As we celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship, we ponder on the strong ties we have built with our friends that are treasured and taken care of. These knots have culminated roads filled with trust, stability, and peace. Our well-founded relationship with our friends evokes the essence of peace in us that guides us to cultivate a peace-driven community.

We point out that our friends are our shoulders to cry on, and our journal to which we can freely let go of what we think and speak out our thoughts. They are our phone operators who answer our calls to give us their listening ear and pieces of advice. They are our people who dismiss biases and judgments, shove reality-check wisdom, nurture our self-esteem, open up their schedule for us, and provide us infinite laughter, love, and understanding.

Peace education is a wholesome element that boost our social skills and become a beacon of positive influence in our society. Galaxy4Peace offers programs that will allow young people to generate personalities that resonate well with peace, and help them discover themselves through interacting with others and placing peace, trust, and faith as the main drivers of their conversations and affinities. Our organization backs up our young people in finding their own ways to nourish their budding friendship into a fully-bloomed connection.

Our heartfelt emotions are valid. If we ever feel that we need to talk to someone, our loved ones are there to breathe in and out for us while they place their palm on their chin and say, “tell me.” Then, we will find out at the moment that peace will have crowned our head with gratitude for the presence of our friends and families. – by Matthew Burgos

Matthew Burgos is the Graphic Designer and Deputy Editor for Galaxy4Peace. He’s a student journalist for his university’s publication and a news, public affairs, and culture correspondent to various organizations. When not writing, he reads articles on travel, culture, and profiles, or studies law and politics.

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