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August 12, 2020by Galaxy4Peace0

In the different human development stages, there is one stage that is most characterized by productivity, speed development of solving problems, freshness, vigor, and spirit. This is the youth stage. The potential to bring multiple sustainable solutions to different problems by this group led the United Nations to invest a lot in youth by creating International Youth Day to be celebrated on August 12th, and to draw attention to cultural and legal issues surrounding youth.   

Young people have a big role in achieving sustainable development goals locally, nationally, and internationally. According to the United Nations, youth-led organizations need to be encouraged and empowered to participate in translating the 2030 agenda into local, national, and regional policies.

Investing in youth for sustainable development

Investing in today’s generation where we have 1.8 billion people between the age of 10-24 is a great tactic to engage our youth for a global action. According to the United Nations, 90% of them lives in developing countries where they make up a large proportion of the population. A connection that exists among them leads young people to keep contributing to the resilience of their communities, proposing innovative solutions, driving social progress, and inspiring political change. 

Providing young people the necessary skills and opportunities can straighten youth engagement for global action. In the face of efforts made by young people, there are multiple challenges that most of them are facing. Most challenges exist in education, security, and employment.

Young people living in countries most dominated by wars and armed conflicts are the most exposed. The 2019 World Youth Report by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations highlights that in the education sector, 142 million of young people of upper secondary age are out of school. 71 million young people are unemployed and millions more are in precarious or informal work. 

The outcome of this situation is massive, illegal recruitment to different armed groups where young people are attracted to the idea of making money illegally. Furthermore, gender, poverty, disability, and migration are still challenges for youth development. 

What should be some strategies to solve youth challenges?

We are all concerned about building a better world through the potential that young people have. Therefore, empowering them while availing access to education is crucial for achieving sustainable development. Involving each young person with zero discrimination related to gender, origin, social status, and color should be a priority for local, national, and international leaders. 

Involving young people in decision making, fighting poverty and hunger by availing required resources, and also using their knowledge, experience, and expertise in decision making is the best strategy that we all need to apply for a better world. 

It’s not only COVID-19 that is disturbing the peace of this world, but also man-made troubles. Therefore, we at Galaxy4Peace are proud to say that around 2,000 young Peace Vibers have attended our Teach Peace Early class every Friday at schools in Nigeria. The Teach Peace Early class is billed as Peace Lab, and it is our call to action fully dedicated to the important and positive role young women and men play in the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. – by Heritier Barekeriy

Heritier Barekeriy is a Communication Officer from Rwanda. He is the Former Project Assistant Intern at UNHCR Rwanda and Former Teaching Assistant at Iteme Program with close partnership with UNHCR before joining Galaxy4Peace. He is a passionate advocate of humanitarian issues, bolstered by his undergraduate degree in Private and Judicial Law from Goma University DRC.

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