A great way to get involved with Galaxy4Peace is through participation, partnership and social media activism. We have range of events to choose from, and they’re all inspiring and impactful.

In addition, we welcome passionate interns, prospective project partners and participants interested to be part of our programs. We assure you of the open opportunity for you to practice dedicated humanitarian service through our impactful programs which constantly awakens people to stand against violence of all types.

We have events and programs that will suit your interests as a partner or participant as we work together to save our generation and coming ones from conflicts.

At Galaxy4Peace we are looking for passionate volunteers to join our family. You will have the opportunity to practice dedicated humanitarian service that you will derive joy in executing. At G4P, regardless of background, our team approaches one another as family, knowing that we belong to one another; and as a volunteer, we appreciate you knowing how valuable you are. Not only do we hope you will see this as an opportunity for personal growth,  but an opportunity to offer something positive in return to your community.

Interested to join our team of volunteers? If YES, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.