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October 29, 2020by Galaxy4Peace0

With the historic United States of America election, Peace is Loud’s Queer Liberation webinar highlight the personal experiences of three transgender women living in the United States and engaged in a discussion on the trans community rights, lives, and future in the United States. While progress has been made in recognizing and valuing the trans community’s experiences, there is still work, activism, and fundamental change that needs to occur.


The United States has a long history of institutional structures and systems that cause harm and suppress minority groups while upholding power dynamics. It is often easy to ignore or become complacent within these systems, which favor white, cisgender, able-bodied, and documented individuals. Recognizing one’s privilege and advocating for it within this system is necessary for change to occur.  

However, while there are resistance and an attempt to change these systems, it is still not enough. As the webinar unveiled, the gay liberation movement, which began in the 1960s and 1970s did not include trans in the identity. For this reason, the progress of the trans community is still 40 years behind that of the gay rights movement.

To achieve an inclusive society, there must be an intentional investment in trans lives and the disparity in healthcare access for the trans community or that the average life expectancy for a trans woman being 35 years need to stop. While representation in media or politics is good for visibility, it does not fix the social issues and conditions the trans community faces nor does it guarantee liberation.

However, despite the progress that still needs to occur, the webinar also presented an optimistic future. The opportunities for trans youth to work with trans elders, integrating the entire LGBTQ+ community to promote trans rights, engaging in aid, and community care are all positive steps Peace is Loud’s webinar explored.  

“We want trans people to live in a world without fear of being who they are.” ~ 

As a peacebuilding platform with volunteers from different parts of the world, we strongly believe that it’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference. While we thank Peace is Loud for hosting this Webinar, we look forward to supporting and helping create a more inclusive and accepting global community. – by Morrissa Berman

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