A global challenge like violent extremism demands active response from the root cause. Identifying the key solvers of the challenge in question, getting the problem out into the open and involving young people through successions of dialogues leading to positive change is one key to countering violent extremism.

With peace education as a vital tool in facilitating children find peaceful solutions to problems, and in raising a new generation committed to creating a culture of peace; peace education campaign through Teach Peace Early in Nigerian schools is crucial.

Teach Peace Early programs specifically promotes respect, empathy, mutual understanding, respectful communication, and conflict management skills. With this tool executed in Nigerian schools or any gathering where young people are involved, Galaxy4Peace build the passion of young people to uphold harmony in their communities with activities centering on tolerance, love, forgiveness, unity, empathy, peace, respect, integrity etc.

Going inline of advocacy, through our weekly online conversation tagged “Monday Is Teach Peace Early”, dedicated towards shaping the peace education activism conversation with the aim of arousing dynamic thinking and action towards the concept of including peace education into Nigerian school curriculum.

While shaping the conversation and building a twenty-first century movement for peace education through this online campaign executed on our social media platform, it excites us each time we measure our impact & bid you to join us every Monday.


Peace Meal With Precious is an innovative talk show, hosted over a pop-up dinner/lunch, discussing needs for creating peace and raising awareness on the need to invest in peacebuilding efforts in the society. With this platform, we provide an avenue where the consciousness of peace culture is raised by and among young people.

Task connecting to peacebuilding & general sustainable development are given out via the program social media platform, participants submits their entries and members of the public cast in their votes within a slated time frame for winners to emerge.

The winners for each task enjoys a Peace Meal Date with a Nigerian celebrity and our founder, get free mentoring on conflict management skills, with other benefits attached to the contest. Four episodes of the show has been recorded and we are set to debut on the Television soonest.

We have identified children, youths and young professionals as our major target audiences and therefore we coin and organize stories and events in ways that appeal to young people to not just want to stay informed but also take actions in achieving sustainable peace.


Inequalities exist in every sphere in the society; wealth and poverty playing a key role while compassion plays a great role in breaking barriers of inequality in the society.

Most wallowing in poverty – with a great challenge in affording their basic requirements of living, lack of food to eat, shelter to live, clothes to wear let alone education which is a basic human need.

WAITT is geared towards bringing a source of succor to indigent families either pierced by poverty or Internally Displaced Persons affected by conflicts with particular interest on women and children.

Created as our “Giving-Is-Living” program by way of providing resources such as (educational scholarship, school materials, food materials and psychosocial counseling) for a better livelihood; and in the same way offering humanitarian assistant by way of donating relief materials, and conduction of trauma healing for IDPs.

Indigent people do not have enough clothing, food, education and healthcare. They hardly get opportunities, experience inadequate nutrition which presents them with higher risk of diseases and lack basic essentials for living; resulting in low achievement.

Through WAITT we strengthen their dependency, create new systems built on inter-dependency, motivating them to work and move forward and we are excited each time we see an effective and long-lasting improvement in their lives.

At Galaxy4Peace, not only do we focus on uplifting them with funds or other kind of support but our focus is also directed on raising them psychosocially, supporting and empowering them to build new relationship, self-confidence and self-esteem despite their social-classes and fend for themselves.


The power of Peacebuilding is so influential to an extent that people subconsciously become equipped with an ability to create a non-violent way of life.

Effective collaboration with different companies and organizations, financial institutions, government sectors, placing emphasis on improving the private sector’s response in ensuring support for funding peacebuilding helped birth the concept of Sweat4Peace.

Sweat4Peace stresses the need for a more coordinated, coherent and integrated efforts of public private partnerships in ensuring a very efficient delivery of critical peacebuilding tasks.

Also ensuring a better coordination between all sectors and other development actors, all collaborating to achieve the same goals, hence through this tool we call for the concerted efforts of individuals, companies, and organizations to promote peace through various peacebuilding projects but with particular attention to the peace day projects annually observed on 21st September.

As a tool that promotes private public partnership in achieving sustainable peace, various stakeholders learn of their roles to promote peace as one of the major ingredients in realizing economic growth, particularly by investing in peacebuilding programs.

Every year, this platform organizes multiple events in observance of the International Peace Day. Since the inception of Sweat4Peace in 2014, over 3000 young people and as many as 10 companies have been aligned together under this initiative.

This project giving Nigerian citizens and companies the platform to join the rest of the world to observe peace day in Nigeria is not only tied to an annual peace walk , rather its tied to other forms of sporting activities that will prompt people to Sweat4peace.


Flash It For Peace brings us a social activism side of peacebuilding advocacy through photography.

“Flash It For Peace” is an exciting peace sign project established to raise awareness on the need to create safer world. We photograph CEOs from different sectors, musicians, television personalities, religious leaders, school board directors, sports personnel and many others flashing peace signs to show their commitment to peace after sensitization activism at red carpet events or courtesy call. The project championed by young concerned photographers demonstrate how they can change attitudes and actions to promote peace and reduce violence in their communities through the act of photography.

‘Flash It For Peace’ is brought to Nigeria in partnership with Peaceworkstv from Canada